Click-Rail-In schools
Click-Rail-In schools
Click-Rail-In schools

The Click Rail is a sleek, unobtrusive picture hanging rail that you mount to your wall. We have them in 2 or 3-metre lengths. These picture rails are easy to attach to your walls:
1. You screw little plastic clips (called ‘Click and Connect’ clips) to your wall – 3 clips per metre.
2. You then ‘click’ your Click Rails onto these clips. Then they are ‘connected’/mounted to your walls.
Next, insert hanging wires (transparent or stainless steel) into the picture rail and attach your photos or artwork to the hooks you’ve slid onto the hanging wires.
And hey presto – it’s then a cinch to hang your pictures wherever they look best on your wall.

The Basics

  • Rail widths: 2 or 3 metres (200cm/2000mm or 300cm/3000mm) / height: 25mm (2.5cm) / depth: 8.5mm (0.85cm)
  • 4 rail colours: cold white (named ‘primer’, this rail can also be painted to match your walls, cornice or ceiling – it’s the white most ceilings are painted), warm white (named ‘white’ – this has a beige tinge to it),  brushed aluminium and black
  • Wall fixed: suits plaster cornices, shadowline recesses and square set ceilings
  • Maximum weight: 30kg per metre
  • Fastener kit contains ‘Click and Connect’ clips which you use to attach the picture rail to your wall (3 per metre), plugs and screws and 2 end caps.
  • 10 year warranty
  • Artiteq product numbers: 9.4303, 9.4304, 9.4341, 9.4343, 9.4348, 9.4349
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