The Me-clips and Clip Hanger are two clever and small additions to the Info Rail and Info Rail Magnetic.

The Me Clips for the Info Rail adds an extra element to the system: this allows a name to be added to the contents of the clip and for the rail to be used as a personal communication tool. The content of the clip can easily be changed and it keeps its high-quality appearance, no matter how often the clip is used. It’s handy, and directly and rapidly adaptable thanks to Info Rail’s smart, flexible properties.

The Me Clips are available in white and black.

The Clip Hanger is a hook that can be attached to the Info Rail with a simple click. The hook can be used to hang up lightweight objects, such as craft projects or headphones. The carrying capacity of the Clip Hanger is max. 1 kg. The Clip Hanger is available in black and white. A useful addition to the Info Rail concept!

These accessories ideal for:

  • Kindergartens to display their children’s drawings.
  • Schools to store children’s art supplies.
  • Parents use it to show off their children’s creations