Choosing the right diameter for your cable or nylon hangers depends on several factors, including the weight of your artwork, the type of wall, and your aesthetic preferences. Here’s a detailed guide to help you decide:

  1. Weight of the Artwork:
    • 2mm Diameter Cable/Nylon Hangers: These are ideal for heavier artworks. They offer greater strength and support, making them suitable for large mirrors, heavy frames, and substantial paintings. Each 2mm Perlon (nylon) and steel cable can support up to 20 kg. When using two cables, the safest and most secure choice, the maximum weight capacity doubles (up to 40 kg).
    • 1mm Diameter Cable/Nylon Hangers: These are well suited for lighter artworks. They provide sufficient support for smaller pictures, light frames, and canvas paintings. A 1mm Perlon and steel cable supports up to 5kg. Using two cables doubles the weight capacity.
  1. Aesthetic Considerations:
    • Visibility: Thinner 1mm diameter cables are less visible, offering a cleaner, more minimalist look. This is ideal for modern interiors where the focus should be on the artwork, not the hanging system. The 1mm cables cast a smaller shadow and blend better with the background.
    • Durability: 2mm diameter cables are more robust and durable, providing additional security for valuable or irreplaceable pieces. They may be slightly more visible but offer greater peace of mind.
  1. Flexibility and Adjustment:
    • Ease of Use: Both 1mm and 2mm cables are equally easy to adjust.
  1. Cost:
    • 1mm diameter cables are slightly less expensive than 2mm cables. If budget is a consideration and your artwork is relatively light, 1mm cables are the more economical choice.


  • Use 2mm diameter cables for heavy, valuable, or large pieces of art, particularly if you want maximum security and durability.
  • Opt for 1mm diameter cables for lighter, smaller artworks where a less visible hanging solution is preferred.
  • Always check the weight rating of the cable to ensure it can safely support your artwork.