The Artiteq hanging system consists of three components: the hanging rail, the hanging wires and the hooks.How heavy the art you hang from the hanging system can be is in turn determined by the combination of the weight capacity of each of these three components.

Light weight combination is <10kg
Medium weight combination is <20kg
Heavy weight combination is <40kg

  1. Weight capacity of the hanging rails:
    20-50kg capacity calculated per metre length of rail when installed with the recommended fixings.
    Weight guide
  2. Weight capacity of the hanging wires:10kg for 1mm Perlon and Stainless-Steel hanging wires (Twister 1mm)
    20kg for 2mm Perlon hanging wires (Twister 2mmperlon)
    30kg for Stainless Steel 2mm diameter hanging wires/cables (Twister 2mm steel)If you hang multiple artworks on your hanging wires (for example a salon hang) make sure you don’t exceed these total limits.
    Bear in mind that you must also consider the maximum weight bearing of the hook you attach to the hanging wire.
  3. 3. Weight capacity of thehooks:Micro Grip 1mm hook: 5kg on 1mm Perlon hanging wire
    Micro Grip 1mm hook: 10kg on 1mm Stainless-Steel hanging wire
    Ratchet hook: 10kg capacityon 2mm Perlon hanging wire
    Ratchet hook: 15kg capacityon 2mm Stainless-Steel hanging wire
    Micro Grip 2mm hook: 20kg capacity on 2mm Perlon hanging wire
    Micro Grip 2mm hook: 20kg capacity on 2mm Stainless-Steel hanging wireTo be safe and achieve a stable hang use two hangers for hanging all your pictures.
    In doing so you share the load over two points which means you double the weight capacity of
    each hanging wire and hook.E.g.A 1mm Perlon hanging wire with a Micro Grip 1mm hook has 5kg capacity. Byusing two hangers and two hooks you get double the weight capacity: 10kg.It’s best to work out the total weight capacity by using the per metre rail capacity and the hook capacity as your primary guide to how heavy the pictures you want to hang can be..It’s only when you want to hang several artworks, one below the other, using the same hanging wires that the weight capacity of the hanging wire must be included in your calculations.We suggest you weigh picture and halve its weight. That will allow you to determine which hooks and hanging wires will suit you.