How do I measure up the rooms if I want you guys to give me a quote?

No need to sweat over the measurements. The rails come in 2 metre and 3 metre lengths; we only need rough measurements to the nearest metre to prepare your quote.

If you have a tape measure handy, that’s always best. Measure the whole length from wall to wall to get the most accurate measurement.

If you don’t have a tape measure or find millimetres, centimetres, and metres utterly confusing, then just go old school: pace it out with big steps, that works well too.
When measuring in paces, keep in mind that one meter long might be a big pace for a woman and a small pace for a guy. So, pace yourself accordingly!

Remember to measure the entire perimeter of the room if you plan to install the rails all  the way around.

If you’re handy with Excel spreadsheets, put all your measurements into an Excel spreadsheet and mention whether it’s a northern, southern, eastern, or western wall, and in which room it is. In the next column put the measurement.

If you hate Excel, opt for a Word document instead.