Weight capacity, aesthetics and the height of your ceilings are your purchase criteria.

  1. Weight capacity Make sure your hanging wire and hook are compatible.
    For 1mm diameter hangers choose the 1mm Micro Grip hook.
    For 2mm diameter hangers choose the 2mm Micro Grip hook or the ratchet hook.A set of 2 x 1mm nylon/Perlonsuits pictures<10kg
    A set of 2 x 2mm nylon/Perlon suits artwork <20kg
    A set of 2 x 1mm steel suits frames<20kg
    A set of 2 x 2mm steel with Ratchet hooks suits paintings<30kg
    A set of 2 x 2mm steel with 2mm Micro Grip hooks suits paintings <40kgAll our hooks suit both nylon and cable hangers
  2. Aesthetics If you’d like to make your hanging system as invisible as possible choose Perlon hangers. Select the thinnest hanging wire bearing in mind the weight capacity you require .1mm Perlon hangers have less visual impact than the 2mm Perlon ones. They are slimmer and also cast a smaller shadow on the wall when lit.If you regularly change your artwork around steel cable hangers will be more durable.
  3. Ceiling Height Your ceiling height determines your hanging wire length. To work out the correct length subtract 1.5m from the height of your ceiling. Don’t cut off the excess hanging wire. Later on,you may need that extra length to hang a different piece of art.Also, if you don’t make a clean cut it can be hard to insert it into the hook. Instead, just coil up the hanging wire and tuck it behind yourartwork. You could also use non-marking painters’ tape to make sure it remains in its tucked away spot.