How to Attach Your Picture to Your Picture Hanging System

To attach your picture to the hanging system:

  1. simply attach 2 hanging wires to your picture hanging rail
  2. slide your hooks onto your dangling hanging wires
  3. hook your hooks into the d-rings on the back of your picture and up it goes.

Picture hanging rails are superb time-savers when you want to hang up your pictures.

The advantage of using a  picture hanging rail is that every time you want to hang artwork up, you won’t need to ruin your walls with your drill or hammer.

The 3 things you need to hang your pictures from an art track

  1. a picture hanging rail aka art track
  2. 2 hooks and 2 hanging wires
  3. 2 D-rings

You definitely need two. If you try with just the one hook, your picture will wobble. A light breeze, or someone walking by can move it out of position. Two D-rings attached to the back of your picture will ensure your picture hangs balanced.