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Artiteq Picture Hanging Systems

We are the official Australian importer of Artiteq picture hanging systems. Welcome to a world where Dutch craftspeople evidently don’t “do” compromise – meet elegance and flexibility in picture hanging systems.

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Call us on 0432 924 305 with questions. Prefer writing? Email us your queries. Explore our diverse product range online or visit our Adelaide showroom.

With Artiteq, you invest in a world-class, sustainable art hanging system backed by European TUV certification, and a robust 10-year guarantee. Picture this: hanging systems that protect your walls, let you rearrange your pictures without tools, and keep your walls unspoiled, glorious with art but utterly free from the tyranny of unsightly nail holes!

A picture hanging systems comprises three key components: the hanging rail, hanging wires/cables and hooks. The slide-able transparent cables and adjustable hooks let you hang art wherever you want.

The user-friendly design makes installation easy: you can do it yourself, or alternatively, opt for professional installation services. Your art track or picture hanging rail can be wall-mounted, built-in, or fixed to the ceiling. Meticulously crafted quick display systems offer further flexibility.

Leading Australian architects, property developers, and builders have incorporated our Artiteq gallery hanging system in portfolios of prestigious projects, including homes, offices, schools, libraries, offices, sports hubs, festival centres, and research centres. Join us in our celebration of the perfect blend of art, innovation, and Dutch craftsmanship.

How to install your hanging system in 5 simple steps

  • Prepare: Get your walls ready – repair, plaster and paint.

  • Measure: Measure the width of your walls. Double-check your measurements. Mark your hanging rails to size. Include the end cap in your calculations if you’re not installing the track along the whole wall.

  • Cut: The picture hanging rails which are made of aluminum are easy to cut using a hack saw or a drop saw. Cut them to size and, if needed, attach your end caps.

  • Drill: Mark the drilling spots for the clips that will attach your rail to your wall, drill 3 holes per metre and one at each end of your track.

    Make sure your drill holes are in line, you can use the rail to draw a straight line or a chalk line or a laser line generator, if you have one.

  • Attach: Choose fixings that suit that suit your wall type.  Screw the click and connect attachment clips to your wall, and then use your fist or a rubber mallet to click/tap your hanging rail onto the click and connect clips – too easy!

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Art in the workplace

ARTITEQ Hanging Systems

As the Australian Importer of ARTITEQ picture hanging systems, we have the perfect option for every room, wall, or ceiling in the land. Whether it’s a home revamp, school display, shop fitting, office spruce-up, or gallery setup, our ARTITEQ systems are as versatile as a Swiss army knife.

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Picture Hanging System installation by Hang Logic

Installing Your Hanging Rails

Most picture rails are easy to install.
All you need is a dash of handyman spirit  and a pinch of basic tools.
If you’ve got yourself in a bit of a pickle we’re just a call away:  0432 924 305.

If you’d rather sip a cold one and let someone else play the DIY game, no worries, just call in a local maintenance person.
Or if you live in Adelaide, Melbourne or Darwin we’d be thrilled to roll up our sleeves and offer you our professional installation services.

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Case studies

Clients constantly ask new questions about our Artiteq picture  hanging systems. So we write articles in answer. Have a read!

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