What is the best hanging wire for pictures?

To work out whether you should use 1mm or 2mm hanging wires to hang you pictures and whether Stainless Steel cables or Perlon/nylon would suit you best, explore the following:

1. What is my interior style like and what look am I after?

You can choose between the ‘invisible’ look or the ‘industrial’ look.

The Invisible Look

If you’d like the ‘invisible’ look, choose the least visible hanging wire – the 1mm Perlon/nylon hanger . One caveat , make sure the weight of your artwork allows this – you can work this out by reading point 2. below.
The 1mm hanging wires have less visual impact than the 2mm hangers and cast a smaller shadow on the wall. Artiteq is the only business that manufactures 1mm hanging wires with a 10yr warranty.
Bear in mind that given the relative softness of nylon when compared to Stainless Steel, the weight of your artwork in conjunction with the tight grip hold of your hook will make slight grooves in your hanging wires. If you just want to  hang that artwork and leave it there that’s fine. But if you love to swap your art around a lot you would be better served with Stainless Steel hanging wires.

The Industrial Look

If you’re after an ‘industrial  look’ New York loft style, or if you have lots of brushed aluminium fittings in your rooms (window and door frames for example) I’d go for the Stainless Steel hanging wires.  Besides their modern look they have other advantages: Stainless Steel is very hard wearing and  has a high weight capacity (see below).
If you move your paintintgs around a lot or are in a commercial environment, the stainless steel cable hangers are perfect. They’ll last as long as you live too.

Clients tell us that they barely notice the hangers after a few days – that speaks for the artwork!

2. How heavy is my artwork?

There’s an easy weigh to work out your picture’s weight:  find a  pair of scales and weigh yourself with and without the picture. Then deduct the second figure from the first and you’ll know what your print weighs.
The next step is to check out the maximum weight capacity of the various Artiteq hanging wire types below to discover what suits your purposes best.

We have 1mm diameter and 2mm diameter hangers. Both thicknesses come in Perlon/nylon and stainless steel.
Best to use two hanging wires and hooks per artwork for safety and stability.

Maximum Weight Capacities

2x 1mm Perlon/nylon cable = maximum weight capacity is 10kg
2x 2mm Perlon/nylon cable suits pictures = maximum weight capacity20kg
2x 1mm Stainless Steel cable = maximum weight capacity20kg
2x 2mm Stainless Steel cable = maximum weight capacity30kg

Something else:  the hook you choose should be compatible with the hanging wire. All Artiteq hooks suit both nylon and steel hangers
1mm hanging wires need 1mm micro grip hooks or 1-1.5mm frame hangers.
2mm hanging wires need 2mm micro grip hooks, ratchet hooks or 1.5-2mm frame hangers.

3. How high are my ceilings and at what height would I like to hang my prints?

Hanging wires come in various lengths from 1.5m to 3m. Choose the length that is right for your art. Measure from the top of your ceiling to where you’d like your the top of  you painting, print  or photo to hang, then you’ll know what length hanging wire to choose.

Happy hanging!