The height at which you install the Artiteq Picture Hanging System can vary based on your wall finish and personal preference:

  1. Under the Ceiling: If you have a square finish, you could mount the picture rail directly under the ceiling for a seamless look.
  2. Under the Cornice: If you have a cornice, you could install the rail directly under it. This allows the rail to look like part of the cornice, like an extension thereof. Installing the rail from wall to wall, or even around the entire perimeter, helps it disappear into the cornice.
  3. As a Feature: Some clients prefer to make the picture rail a striking feature by installing it lower on the wall. For instance, a brushed aluminium rail against a feature wall in burgundy, or blue can create a bold statement.
  4. High Walls: For extremely high walls, consider practicality. For example, if your walls are 5 meters high, such as in a reconverted church, installing the rail just below the ceiling might be impractical unless you enjoy climbing up long ladders.

Ultimately, choose a height that balances practicality with aesthetic appeal to best suit your space and needs.