There are 4 Artiteq rail colours: white, brushed aluminium, black and white primer. The Artiteq ‘white’ rail is a warm, off-white. The Artiteq ‘white primer’ is a cold, vivid white.

Artiteq manufactures most rail types in the white primer colour. This colour is similar tothe commercial paint colours ceiling white or cornice white. Because these rails are primed they have a paint receptive surface and can be painted with the same acrylic or enamel paint you’ve used to paint your walls. That makes them barely visible once you install them on your wall.

Alternatively, for a more scratch-resistant finish the hanging tracks can be professionally spray-painted the same colour as your walls.
Different rail types come indifferent colours:

  • Click Rail: vivid white (white primer), off-white (white), brushed aluminium (brushed alu)
  • Click Rail Pro: vivid white (white primer), brushed aluminium (brushed alu)v
  • Contour Rail: vivid white (white primer), brushed aluminium (brushed alu)
  • Combi Rail Pro Light: off-white (white)
  • Info Rail: off-white (white), brushed aluminium (brushed alu)
  • Info Strip: off-white (white)
  • Top Rail: vivid white (white primer), black, brushed aluminium (brushed alu)
  • Art Strip: vivid white (white primer), black
  • Ceiling Strip: off-white (white)
  • Deco Rail: off-white (white)
  • Shadowline Plasterboard: off-white (white)
  • Shadowline masonry: off-white (white)